Aselsan Konya Ileri Teknoloji Inovasyon

Aselsan Inovasyon

Advanced Technology and Innovation

Aselsan Konya Defense Systems

Yeni Nesil Savunma Sistemleri

The Next Generation of
Defense Industrial Plant

We are establishing teams that produce new generation solutions in our developing world.


Ar Ge

Research & 

The scientific approach dec the basis of our R&D studies.



Advanced Technology and

Defining probability is one of the practical applications of our common purpose.


Advanced Technology and Innovation

AselsanKonya combines the needs of our stakeholders with the latest technology in Konya and we start each new day with steps that will shed light on the future. We are constantly questioning, solving problems and coming up with new solutions to overcome difficulties that seem impossible. We are closely following technological developments with an innovative approach.

Defining probability is one of the practical applications of our common goal. We are always working with our team and our customers to overcome this challenge. We are working hard not to be late for a brighter future and to give direction to technology. Using Lean-Agile methodologies, we strive to develop distinctive and innovative technologies for our customers.

Our teams continue to work for alternative approaches and digital methods that will add value to the Defense industry in Aselsan Konya. Our user-centric and digitally based capabilities provide us with advanced techniques to stay one step ahead of complex threats.

Artificial Intelligence

We have the potential to transform every system, product and service we produce for our customers worldwide. We are deploying advanced capabilities to solve the world's most difficult problems in the fields of sea, land and air defense. All our engineers are working non-stop to improve our high risks and safety standards.

Advanced Manufacturing

Leading the transformation

We aim to take the lead in national security and national technology in Aselsan Konya.

As a result of our adoption of agile methodologies, we are adding flexibility and speed to our processes. It has become part of our main task to define process-based high-tech applications and determine the rules in the defense technology and remote command weapons systems that we originally produced. Dec Process competencies that we have determined, especially in the production of the systems we have, are actively put into operation, and critical needs are specially produced on a project-based basis within the scope of R&D.

We know the importance and innovative value of digital integrated solutions that can help make the technology we have more powerful. This allows us to better help our customers achieve their goals.

Our Priority is ‘ "National Technology Strong Defense"’

We work with our solution partners every day to learn more about and defend the Country's defense, which is one of the most important factors of national security, when designing high-tech systems in the military field. As Aselsan Konya, we carry out research, design, development and engineering activities for all types of weapons and weapon systems, especially defense industry products, in accordance with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces.

With the technology we have, we can neutralize threats and protect our nation and our armed forces against these modern destructive weapons.

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