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Research & Development

Defense Technology Systems

Yeni Nesil Savunma Sistemleri


The Next Generation of
Defense Industrial Plant

We are establishing teams that produce new generation solutions in our developing world.



Research & 

The scientific approach dec the basis of our R&D studies.



Advanced Technology and

Defining probability is one of the practical applications of our common purpose.

Research & Development

Developing the technologies of the future is the most important part of our work in order to have a sustainable future. In addition to acting together with our customers, we also work with our business partners and universities in our investments in science and technology that complement our existing capabilities and product strategy. The Defense Industry has always been a Research and Development center for technology. Our primary goal is to develop technologies that can help transform the work done on marine and land systems into production and create the production infrastructure of the future. We attach importance to development in order to provide real advantage to our customers everywhere while moving towards our goals with our innovative perspective.


Special technological defence systems will strengthen the ability to respond in a combat environment. It will improve their ability to eliminate, maneuver and analyze traditional and non-traditional threats in advance.

Our Engineers and
Our Expert Technicians

Our engineers and expert technicians implement innovative technologies discovered as a result of research on hardware and software-based projects, taking into account feedback from the field. We attach importance to research and development in order to increase the control and dominance of our soldiers on the battlefields in the future, to improve their decision-making ability, to provide a strategic advantage that they can plan every process one step behind. The systems we have developed provide a number of other advantages, including intelligence gathering and logistical support.

We design built-in systems to comply with the rules of engagement, which always require a person in the decision-making cycle.

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