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Working with all our stakeholders and moving forward with them to our goals is critical to the long-term sustainability of our business.

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The Next Generation of
Defense Industrial Plant

We are establishing teams that produce new generation solutions in our developing world.




Research & 

The scientific approach dec the basis of our R&D studies.



Advanced Technology and

The impossible for us is only the beginning of a new struggle.



It is vital for us to interact and communicate with our stakeholders effectively and at the right time, as transparently as possible. We are strong together because we are also in effective communication with other organizations that focus on defense and security issues to understand the factors that may affect our business and how we operate.

Engaging in 360° strong communication helps us understand the views and concerns of our stakeholders and explain our approach. We value the feedback provided for our approach to managing our strategy and sustainability. In this direction, we are developing our systems and proceeding with safe and confident steps to the future with our stakeholders according to the developing system.

360° powerful communication with stakeholders

As Aselsan Konya, we aim to use every channel of communication effectively. in 360° omnidirectional communication, we prefer a transparent communication to include every channel in the game. We work closely with our business partners on joint projects and proposals. Acting together and understanding the expectations of our stakeholders and meeting their needs is critical to the long-term sustainability of our business and the vital role we play in helping our customers ensure and protect the safety of their nation.

Communication at Aselsan Konya

We inform our teams about what is happening throughout the enterprise through our employee application, e-mail, newsletters, dialog boxes, push boxes, social media shares, as well as virtual and face-to-face meetings. we are encouraged to share our opinions through team meetings, “HR is listening to you” events and employee surveys where we try to listen to the opinions and thoughts of employees.

Our Stakeholders and Customers

Sustainable communication, virtual and face-to-face meetings, integrated project teams, a joint review of the performance of defense technology systems, activities, and through workshops, we are working very close with people who are using our products and systems, in some cases, our engineers in the premises on the bases or working with them. We also communicate continuously through virtual and face-to-face meetings with regular communication channels.

Our Business Partners

In order to create an effective, efficient and sustainable supply chain with our business partners, our engineers work within an effective audit process in every aspect. We attach great importance to the certification processes necessary to achieve sustainable quality and performance to ensure that we deliver flawlessly.

We are in constant and uninterrupted communication with them through performance reviews, forums, regular communication and best practice exchanges.

Our Partners

We are in favor of stronger progress by working with other organizations in our fields of expertise so that we can provide the best possible products and service to our customers. We communicate through regular 360° dialogue, virtual and face-to-face meetings, forums, conferences and integrated project teams to always be strong together.

Our Communities

We are working to establish a sustainable communication with the communities we work with. We establish a transparent communication to act together by sharing the values we have. We organize joint efforts to understand and respond to issues that are important to our communities. We communicate with talented young people by organizing dialogue, virtual and face-to-face meetings with them to discover and use their potential correctly.


Our University Collaborations

Our universities are one of the most important stakeholders of defense industry organizations, the main capital of which is a highly qualified human resource. In addition to providing trained manpower and educational opportunities, our universities are increasingly contributing to the technology development activities of the industry. In order to carry out basic research at universities and to further industrialize these applications in ASELSAN Konya, we have many projects that are being developed as part of the university industry cooperation. In addition, as an activity supporting open innovation, subject-based workshops are organized with the participation of universities, innovative projects are implemented with new ideas formed here.


Our Project School

We contribute to the training of the qualified workforce needed by our defense industry. We have established our Aselsan Konya Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School with the cooperation protocol signed with the Ministry of National Education.


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